Mitchell Harris - President




Mitchell Harris is a graduate of Duke University with a BS in Biology. After leaving college, Mitch joined Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company as a sales representative in Newport News, Virginia. After experiencing much success in Virginia, he was quickly recognized as a leader and was promoted to Hospital Representative, then Market Analyst, Marketing Associate, Sales Training Executive and Sales Manager, a position he held in Detroit Michigan.


After Michigan, Mitch was sent to the corporate office in Indianapolis, Indiana to become Marketing Brand Manager for the endocrine division, where he was the Product Team leader for Humatrope and Humalog, two of the company's biggest products. After leaving the corporate office, he became a Regional Sales Manager in the South Central CV Divisions. He is currently a Manager in the Acute Care Division with responsibility for the State of Florida.


Although Mitch has a very busy career, he has always had time to work with young people. He has been a youth leader in every city in which he lived (Newport News, Tampa, Indianapolis, Detroit, Birmingham, and Atlanta). Mitch also served as President of a Youth Federation comprised of 10,000 strong and determined young people. Under his leadership, the young people made unbelievable strides toward redirecting their lives and meeting their goals. Mitchell's goal in life is to use his business skills, experience and resources to guide young people toward success.