Business Etiquette

Participants in the youth entrepreneurship program learn the basics of meeting and greeting, networking, public speaking, and other important social and life skills that will serve them in business and throughout life. These skills are reinforced during the course.

Economic Literacy

By the end of our course, our participants have expanded their vocabulary and understand words and concepts like: bootstrapping, the distribution network, business legal structures, profit, net income and so on. Participants are also able to demonstrate their knowledge of these concepts.

Entrepreneurial Attributes

Marsha-Ann Clarke assisted Dr. Howard Rasheed with research on 'The Effects of Entrepreneurship Training and Venture Creation on Youth Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Academic Performance.' While entrepreneurs exhibit a number of different attributes, based on the research and her own experience, Ms. Clarke decided to focus our program on the following areas of development and skill-level:

  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Personal control
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation to achieve!
  • Teamwork

During the course, various other skills and attributes are developed. These include decision-making, time-management, record-keeping, networking, marketing and selling, budgeting and saving, and so on.

Participants "Earn by Learning" through our business simulation and practical application. Successful participants are rewarded with $15 in venture capital to invest in operating and managing a micro-enterprise selling candy to family and friends.

At the end of the program, successful participants also receive $15 deposited in their personal minors accounts at a local bank.