Volunteer Internship Program

*******Program On Hold Until Further Notice!!*******

The Volunteer Internaship Program (VIP) was developed through our partners at the Center For Entrepreneurship and the Honors College at the University of South Florida (USF). The program is aimed at giving students a unique, real-life, community-based experience, while they complete the requirements for the Honors Thesis.

The VIP was officially launched in Fall 2004 after the pilot phase, and received an overwhelming response. To date, YEA! has hosted a total of seven local and international honor students from across various colleges at USF. Each student was engaged in a hands-on, high-quality project, which in some cases was in a totally different area from their major or minor at USF.

The VIP does not end here. The program extends to individual students who came to us independently seeking an opportunity to give back to the community. Many of these socially aware students continue to assist with various tasks. These include building and maintaining our website, teaching and mentoring participants, building computers and cleaning and beautifying the community.

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*******Program On Hold Until Further Notice!!*******

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